WW II Double Barrel German Flare Gun--SOLD


 A rather scarce Walther Model SLD - Signal und Leucht Doppelschussmodelce  (literally ”signal & light double shot model). The pistol was manufactured from stainless steel and had a pair of 9 ¼” barrels and a 4 ¾” wooden forend to give the user a more secure grip when the pistol was fired. This double barrel flare pistol was manufactured in 4 bore and accepted 27mm flares with a variety of signaling and lighting purposes. To the rear of the left side is the safety lever, which exposes the word Feuer for “fire”, when in the up position and the word Sicherd for “safe” when in the down position. The upper rear portion of the frame has a three-way switch to select the barrels that will fire when the trigger is pulled. The switch is labeled l for “left”, Doppel/Schuss for “double shot” (firing both barrels) and r for “right” . This pistol was adopted by the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in 1936 and remained in production until the end of World War II, with most estimates placing the total production at slightly more than 4,000 units.  While most German army flare pistols also accepted some sort of grenade or explosive charge, the Kriegsmarine saw little utility for such projectiles and used their flare guns strictly for signaling and illumination. The SLD model has a long association with use on Nazi U-Boats, and the rarity and low survival rate of these guns (with an estimate of less than 100 remaining today) is attributed to the fact that many went to the bottom of ocean with their submarines. As the war progressed, Walther also produced variants of the SLD flare gun in aluminum (about 6,000) to conserve the stainless steel for more pressing manufacturing requirements.