Victorian 6 Draw Telescope


This diminutive Victorian 6 draw pocket telescope was probably made in the latter part of the 19th century, circa 1890. A compact yet powerful telescope, it still as practical today as when it was first made. Although unsigned it's a quality telescope which closed makes it easy to carry, and the six draws extend to an ideal length making it the perfect accessory for spotting on the move. The cosmetic condition of the stitched leather is worn but the overall piece still retains all the brass lacquer on its fittings. Free of any dents, the draw action is still firm, and it has a nice even patination on the draw tubes showing it's in original uncleaned condition. The optics are in good undamaged condition and protected by a brass end cap and a swivel dust slide to the eyepiece. The image is clear & sharp, and focuses easily to a magnification of approximately 15x. 2" in diameter. Closed 7", fully open 26 1/2".