USN Bureau Of Ships Big Eyes Binoculars By US Naval Gun Factory


A rare pair of WWII era 20 x 120 United States Navy Bridge Binoculars manufactured in the 1940’s by US Naval Gun Factory Optical Shop out of Washington DC . Features two eyepieces that are internal focusing with individual external focusing knobs that are geared to the internal lenses. The huge 120mm objective lenses are coated. Totally sealed from the elements and is waterproof & fog proof. The stand features a knob which tightens and locks the binoculars into a given position. The binoculars have a built-in set of brass handles with rubber grips for easy movement and view adjustment. These binoculars were originally mounted on a railing on top of a ship’s bridge. The optics on this set produces a clear, highly magnified image of the highest quality imaginable. A “must have” for any beach and coastal homeowner!