Tamaya Marine Sextant--SOLD


A fine sextant made by Tamaya, who manufacture the best sextants from outside Germany. This one is their top model, in truly excellent condition. The frame is very strongly engineered die-cast aluminum alloy, about 4 lbs., painted a semi-gloss black. The condition of the paint is 99% new. The arc is black with white graduations, as are the micrometer and vernier scale. Tamaya’s excellent 7x35 scope will be the most usable one. The standard four index and three horizon shades, an anti-glare shield on the horizon glass, a bronze limb pressed into the aluminum frame, the most comfortable grip , three ocular filters of varying density which snap onto the 7x35 scope, adjusting tool, and original 1966 certificate. The wood box is in excellent condition, and its brass hardware has no corrosion. A leather strap handle is fitted. A case key and stop watch is included.