Ship Model La Flore


Vintage 40-Gun frigate model La Flore

Scratch built ship model is of plank on frame construction.The hull has decorative carving at the bow, stern, and port and starboard sides just below the gun deck. The vessels name is inscribed on the stern. It is fitted out with all essential deck gear, fittings, and boats per this era, masted with royals, and is fully rigged with linen and silk threads.

The model includes its original constructed wood base and a custom wood and glazed case.

Case measures 55" L x 24 1/2" W x 45 3/4" H



La Flore is a well documented French ship, designed at Rochefort by the master shipwright Rolland and launched in 1804.


There were 146 such frigates built to this successful design for the Napoleonic Navy between 1781-1813. La Flore was wrecked in the Adriatic in November of 1811 during a violent squall off the port of Chioggia, Venetia.