Miller Dunn Mark V Deep Sea Diving Helmet--SOLD


Regarded by many to be the ultimate copper and brass diving helmet in the industry, it is the United States Navy Mark V. This type of helmet was first manufactured in 1916 and used into 1980's. The helmet is considered ultra safe, reliable and very durable, making the United States Mark V a standard in military and commercial diving. There were four companies that produced the Mark V during WWII: Morse, Schrader, Desco and Miller Dunn. Miller Dunn, being a smaller company from Florida, they made approximately 1200 helmets for a WWII contract.  We have a mismatched Miller Dunn MKV ready for display. Bonnet #5XX attached to a breast plate  #1057. It is buffed out but not lacquered and shows well. Straps are recast. A good piece for someone who only wants one helmet from this maker.