Limited Edition Chelsea Clock The Mariner--SOLD


Considered one of the finest nautically-inspired clocks ever made in this country, the Mariner is a true masterpiece of American clock making. An exact recreation of an original yacht wheel, the Mariner was first patented and produced by Chelsea Clock in 1911. Featuring it's renowned chiming Ship’s Bell mechanism, this exquisite timepiece boasts 11 jewel movements and 364 brass and gold-plated precision parts. Its forged solid brass bezel opens with the original “shield” hinge-and-latch design. The clock’s 8 1/2 inch dial is painstakingly crafted of deeply etched brass that is hand silvered, enameled and lacquered. The wood base and back are crafted of solid mahogany, while the wheel’s ring and base are finished using our own lustrous hand-rubbed process and lacquered to prevent tarnish. Since Chelsea started to produce this model again in 2002, only 13 of this size exist. The base measures 19 inch x 8 1/2 inch x 25 inch. From one spoke end to the other is 19 inch across.