John Matthews Soda Fountain Patent Plaque--SOLD


John Matthews (1808–1870)  was an English-born American inventor and soda water and manufacturer. He is known as "The Soda Fountain King". Matthews manufactured carbonating machinery and distributed his product through retail stores. The equipment was a lead-lined cast-iron box where carbonic acid gas was formed by mixing sulphuric acid with marble dust. The gas was then purified by passing it through water, and then into a tank partially filled with cool water. The tank was rocked for a quarter to a half hour, until the water was impregnated and bubbly. Matthews created a fountain apparatus that could be positioned on a pharmacist’s counter to dispense carbonated drinks, leading to its popularization and rapid growth.

Similar to engines and other large manufactured machines, his soda fountains, usually made of marble and metal fixtures, also had his maker's plaques mounted to the sides. This one is 7 1/4 inches in diameter with substantial weight.