Hamilton Model 22 Deck Watch


The Hamilton M22 is a World War II-era deck watch. A deck watch was used as ship's chronometer on some smaller vessels, and as a companion to the regular ship’s chronometer found on bigger ships. Chronometer is just another way of saying a very accurate watch, suitable for navigation. During World War II when the Hamilton 22 was developed, the big, bulky and vitally important ship’s chronometers would stay stowed safely below deck on major US Navy vessels. The deck watches on the other hand could be taken topside or to the bridge for navigation or to compare their time with other watches. Deck watches were also called comparing watches. The Model 22 has the look and weight of a very heavy pocket, stored in a lined box and secured in a secondary box. According to Hamilton Watch Company records it was finished after the war and sold to Northwest Instrument Co. of Seattle on 11-29-1946. Engraved on back of the watch: Bureau of Ship's US Navy, N9370-1943. Chronometer Watch.