Hamilton Chronometer From S.S. Santa Magdalena


Marine ship's Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer is considered by some to be the finest maritime chronometer ever made. The workmanship in these time pieces is outstanding superior quality of any American chronometer made. Most were issued during the WWII campaign, but Hamilton continued to produce these pieces into the late 1960's. The serial number 2E12685 is from that last series. The movement is clean and runs great.

At its peak, The Grace Line was a major force in American merchant shipping. Shortly after WWII it owned 23 ships. Grace Line eventually was sold to Prudential Line a small line owned by Skouras of 20th Century Fox. In 1964, there were 4 passenger/cargo vessels produced and the S.S. Santa Magdalena was one of them. They sailed from San Francisco north to Vancouver and south to the Panama Canal. In 1974, Prudential sold these "M" ships to Delta Lines. In 1983 there was a sharp decline in cargo bookings to South America and operations were slowly winding down. The four "M" ships continued to run until 1984 when all the former Grace Line Santa's were ceased. 

Included are  two certificates of calibration, shortly before the ship's stopped running. In addition, a Hamilton Chronometer users manual.