Ebony & Ivory Octant Signed H. Edgworth--SOLD


Henry Edgworth, 17 1/4 inch ebony, brass, and ivory octant, Bristol, England, mid 18th century.  The ebony frame and brass index arm are sound, ivory plate on front and rear,  a rear index arm clamping screw, two ivory diamond inlay on frame, scale calibrated 0-95 and marked by maker H. Edgworth, Bristol, horizon mirror, sun shades and three turned brass feet. Secondary name engraved is Richard Emms, 1777. 

Captain Richard Emms was the master of the ship Prince George. He sailed from Bristol July 9th, 1775 to deliver flour to Army General Thomas Gage in Boston but mistakenly sailed into Portsmouth Harbor and was captured as a war prize. He remained there until 1777 and returned to Bristol where presumably he acquired this octant.