Early Model Flintlock Whaling Gun--SOLD


Early model with wooden stock,  fitted with two flintlocks that fired simultaneously to limit the chance of the gun misfiring. Each of the locks within hinged brass housings are fitted with bolt type locks and door flaps releasing pressure when fired.The trigger is attached to a lanyard that passes through a brass pulley fitted into underside of the stock. The lanyard is pulled, activating the cocked  hammers. A safety device has to be pulled from underneath the trigger before firing. This swivel mounted harpoon gun measures only 20 3/4" overall length with a steel barrel that is 11"long and a 3/4" bore. The actual gun would be much larger with a barrel over 26" and 1 7/8" bore. Between 1772 and 1792, The  Society of Arts gave premiums to whale-fishers for  improvements made to such whale guns. With that in mind it is very possible that this model was presented to the Society as an example of an improved gun. Alternatively it could be the gunmaker's display model or demonstration piece. Includes a nicely turned base that the gun sits in for display purposes. Origin English. Circa 1780.