Dialytical Telescope by Simon Plossl - SOLD!


Dialytical telescope by the master maker Simon Plossl. The telescope is in very fine condition complete with objective cover.  Brass with original lacquered finish.  29" long extends to 31 1/2". 2 1/4" diameter objective lens , one terrestrial eyepiece, 2 celestial eyepieces with solar filter. Housed in its original walnut veneer case with original detailed instructions label.

Simon Plossl was one of the finest instrument makers of his day. The interesting optical design splits the achromatic doublet objective into its two components so that the crown glass lens is fixed at the front of the tube, while the flint glass lens is mounted at the forward end of the eyepiece. This arrangement allows for a reduced diameter to the flint disk color corrector. Plossl first published on the dialytical telescope in 1830. He's well known for his achromatic microscopes and dialytical telescopes.