Colossal Half Hull Model of the "City of San Francisco"


A builder's model of the iron clad three masted steamer built at John Roach & Sons Shipyard, Chester, PA, in 1875. She was 3009 tons burden; for mail and passenger service in the Pacific. The half hull mounted on board with red painted surface in a molded walnut frame.

Dimensions: 12'2" Length; 32" Height; 10" Depth.

The Steamer City of San Francisco, one of the three vessels named after Cities for the Pacific Mail Steamship Company of San Francisco, CA, was captained by James Iredell Waddell. A handsome steamer , this three masted and one funnel ship primarily was a mail carrier in addition as taking on passengers for service between San Francisco, Honolulu, Fiji, Sydney and New Zealand. On one occasion the City of San Francisco ran from Auckland to San Francisco in 24 days 12 hours; this being 34 hours under contract time.

Unfortunately, on the 16th of May, 1877; she foundered off the Tartar Shoal, near Acapulco, Mexico with no loss of life.