1942 US Navy Quartermaster's Glass--SOLD


Authentic World War II era spyglass. Marked U.S. NAVY BU. SHIPS QM. 16-POWER MK.1 NO. 14686 1942 Hayward Lumber & Inv Co, Los Angeles as inscribed on the eyepiece end in white letters. The eyepiece focuses from -6 to plus 6 diopters and adjusts without effort by twisting the hatch marked aperture ring. The long tapered barrel is made of brass and covered with an assimilated leather finish. Measures 31 inches long by 3 inches wide on the objective end. It is complete in its original storage oak box. The brass maker label on the box front states: U.S.N. BU. OF SHIPS 16 POWER QUARTERMASTER SPYGLASS MK.1 SERIAL NO. 14686  Hayward Lumber Los Angeles , 1942. The box measures 32" long, 4" wide and 4" high. Overall cosmetic condition of the spyglass is excellent and the box resides in good structural condition, but does have some old spots in various areas.

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